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Stephen Luce




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A privacy clarification for you to understand about this web site

During your visit to this site and especially If you use the message form below, there is NO WAY for me to collect information about who you are or what your email might be or even what your IP address is. Even if information collection were possible, I believe in, and respect, all forms of privacy for a web site visitor - I would not gather information out of respect for you - my visitor.

With your privacy in mind, I would like to hear from you concerning this website, good and bad, and any suggestions you might have to make improvements. Your ideas and opinions of this site and my art are important to me. Art is really a process with two critical components - the first is the creation of the work, and the second is the reaction to the art by the viewer. One of the great and sad limitations of the internet concerning art, is the artists is almost never aware of the reaction of the viewer. This is not an ego thing so much as an essential interaction between the artists, the work, and the viewer.

If you would like me to send you images as new work develops, please let me know in an email or in the message box below and include an email address to which I might send updates and new images. I will also be placing some of my partially completed work on this site - depending on how well the work is going!

Because of the recession and my loss of gallery representation from gallery reductions, I am very much available to talk with galleries interested in trying some of my work. I have a number of paintings gallery-ready, so please send me a note if you would like to talk.

If you ask for a response, I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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